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Thanks so much for checking out my shop. All items are handmade with love, care and good intention. I hope they bring you as much peace as they have brought to me.


A little about me

Oh Hey. Hi. Hello!

It’s me, Larissa. The maker of Tiny Wolf Creations, I create in East Vancouver on the unceeded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsliel-Waututh Nations. I’m queer and pansexual, two-spirit but identify as She/Her, They/Them. I'm a big mixey, I come from the cultural backgrounds of Nisga’a - Ganada, Gitxsan, Métis, Scottish, Swedish, Irish and so many more.  

My new found love of beading was inspired by my mother and my gran but my interests and skills spread far and wide.

The language you will find on this website is Gaanimk (Nisga’a Language). As a way of decolonizing and revitalizing Indigenous Languages and to honour my Grandmother Martha and the language that was stolen from her and family.

About Tiny Wolf Creations:
Decolonial practices of business,  My art is very emotional, political, unapologetic and made with the most gentle care.  Like all good things, beading takes time, each bead is hand stitched with good intention. 
Coming from a fast paced- patriarchal industry, I'm headed back to my roots of taking the time to be present, build meaningful connections and community while providing quality craftsmanship that is available to all peoples. 

Saying that, 
I understand last minute requests and will do my best to accommodate!  

Tiny Wolf Creations also accepts trades as currency.

If you're in a place of financial hardship, payments can be made in installments or we can talk in private about making sure my work is available to everyone. 

 Tiny Wolf Creations got it’s name in honour of my Great Grand-Father Bert from the Wolf clan.


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